About Us

Kardella Chapter

My Name is Brigid Kennedy, I am a mother and Farmer who after hearing about the vital role that nourishing traditional foods have on human health and well being, implemented this knowledge into our everyday lives. 

After Hearing Sally Fallon Speak about the work of Weston A Price, we could not sit back anymore. We Moved From inner Melbourne and bought a farm in beautiful South Gippsland with the aim to produce much of our food and energy needs to take control of our health and our families health. 

Using the Weston A. Price foundation as our guide, we have created a freedom in our lives others dream about. Now it is time to share this knowledge.

What the Chapter Provides

Kardella Chapter provides contacts and listings of local, sustainable, organic food and health resources for this area. Helping you to source the best food for you and your families health. We also provide education and links to resources that will help you on your Journey.

So look around the site and be sure to look at our resources and links page to give you a great foundation in food education.