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Resource List

Your Local Guide to Quality Nourishing food.

Local and organic Fruit and Vegies

Grow lightly food hub at Coal Creek is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

They sell local and organic fruit and Vegies, also Pastured organic Eggs, Cheese, Milk, Cream and Nuts. They do Weekly and Fortnightly Fruit and Vegie bags that are very reasonably priced. Olive oil also. 

 Fermented Cod Liver Oil

GPA whole foods, sell a wide variety of traditional, fermented and organic food supplements. Grass fed beef gelatin powder. Online and phone orders. 



Bass River Daries Whole non Homogenised Milk processed on farm. Bass Hwy Bass They also do Cream  (both of these are available at the Grow lightly food hub at Coal Creek) 

If you want Raw milk in Victoria you need a house cow. If this is something that interests you, or is essential to you and your family's health talk to Brigid. I  raise and train cows to be house cows.


True Orgainic butter – Available at Woolworths and IGA. If in doubt you want butter that doesn't spread from the fridge as it does not contain any vegetable oils. The exception is cultured butter, this will be clearly labled. 

 Yoghurt Mountain View Farm - Orgainic Grassfed and Ethical www.mvod.com.au Available at the Grow lightly food hub comes in 1kg tubs.

 Five:am organic yoghurt – Available at Woolworths
Beef and Lamb 

Colin and Sally's Organic beef and Lamb are all raised and finished on grass. You can buy directly from their farm in Dollar or from pick ups Around the area. their website is excellent and online ordering is simple. www.colinandsallys.com.au
Coconut oil 

Banaban  They Sell up to 20lts sizes. Very Reasonable prices and Organic.  www.banabanpetcare.com or www.banaban.com
  Also Available at Leongatha health food store and in most supermarkets. Be careful to buy extra virgin or cold pressed, as oils heated in processing may become rancid.

Pork Free Range Direct sales 

Gypsy Pig Darnum www.thegypsypig.com.au 

Wattle bank park Farm www.wattlebankparkfarm.vpweb.com.au 

Amber creek Farm and sawmill Pasture raised Pork ‪www.ambercreekfarm.com.au 

All the pork is pastured and raised outdoors their entire life.


If you want to have the very best bacon with out nitrates and traditionally cured. Then here is the answer - make it yourself at home! Really simple. So simple its laughable! Go to Farmstead Meatsmith and download the bacon e-book, best $20 something dollars you have ever spent, this will literally rock your world. Also exceptionally affordable when you buy you pork belly direct from the farmer. Win! www.farmsteadmeatsmith.com  

Other Free range bacons can be purchased from Amber Creek Farm, Wattlebank Park Farm and Gypsy Pig


Mirboo Pastured Poultry Available at the Coal Creek Farmers Market 2nd Sat of the month. Sells Chicken livers, chickens Feet, Carcasses, whole chickens and all the cuts. They also do heritage chickens, a bit more expensive but the flavour is exceptional! mirboopasturedpoultry.com.au 

 Korumburra Pastured Poultry is Small batch, naturally fed pastured poultry. This is a pre order process contact the farmer directly on 0438 568 861 or email Simon. Vandercraats@gmail.com for an order form.


Sourdough Cannibal Creek Bread Available at Coal Creek farmers Market,  Leongatha health food store and Grow Lightly food Hub Friday- Sunday.  

Oak and swan Sourdough- All organic flours, they also sprout their grains! available at the Grow lightly food hub. Also available at the Leongatha health food store. Made locally in Mirboo North www.oakandswansourdough.com.au 

Pendesal Bakery - French sourdough baguettes and Loaves. They also Slice for you. Open Wednesday - Sunday

124 A Whitelaw St, Meeniyan

Phone: (03) 5664 7468


Jean Belstead Homeopathics, Herbs and flower essences 03 5655 1648 jeanbelstead@gmail.com www.jeanbelstead.com.au 15 Harris Road Korumburra   Can make up specific remedies for conditions, natural medicines for farmers and animals.

Homeopathy at home, phone, Skype, and email consultations. Vaccination Kits and first aid kits. High potencies as you are dealing with a doctor. Overnight delivery of remedies.  Dr Cyena Caruana ‪0418 792 827

Epsom Salts 

Blants sell 20kg Bags excellent quality very affordable. Used for Baths to absorb magnesium. They also sell himalayan salt and magnesium oil. The magnesium is food grade and guaranteed clean  www.blants.com.au 

 Fat Digestion 

If you have been on a low fat diet for many years you may have trouble digesting fats. If this is the case Sweedish bitters work very well. This herbal mixture is taken ½ hour before meals and helps stimulate the bile to break fats down more easily. Can be purchased at Leongatha Health food Store or online. 

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